How many people can you draw in an hour? I can draw 12 people in black and white and 10 people in color.

What do you need? Just a space for my easel, a chair for me, 2 chairs for the people I’m drawing to sit in and an outlet. I bring everything else.

How big are the caricatures? My caricatures are 11″x14″ on card stock, in marker and Prismacolor sticks, which are like colored pencils and don’t smear. I provide a plastic bag for each one.

What do I have to do to book you? Let me know you want to confirm the date and I’ll send you a letter of agreement with everything you need to know. Print it, sign it and either scan it and email it back or take a picture and send it to me. That’s it! I’ll also contact you the week before the event.

Do you need a deposit? Not usually.

What do you charge? I don’t like to post my rates online, but I’ll be happy to tell you by email or on the phone. I do have a 2 hour minimum.

More questions? Email terry@highclasscaricature.com or call 215-384-3575. I’m looking forward to making your next event fun and memorable!